Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Superbad (Movie Review)

Why on earth does everyone think it's so funny to objectify women, talking about them and treating them as though they serve one purpose, and one purpose only?

Seriously. I'm asking you a question.

Because once again Judd Apatow has produced (but not directed) another film that does just that, with a tacked on (and so somewhat tacky) "coming of age" denouement in which the 18-year-old boys realize girls aren't just physical conquests.

But as with Knocked Up, the thing I most hate about Superbad (2007) isn't so much what it says about about women (particularly in the first 45 minutes, when the lines are most offensive), but the fact that in many instances I found it to be funny.

That is to say, I enjoyed the film — once again as disgusted with myself as I was with Apatow. Think my primary fear is that when humans of the male persuasion watch this film, the younger ones will be especially likely to pick up the exaggerated humor and perpetuate it as fact. Because even though there's a valuable moral to many of your stories — including this one — I'm worried that for many viewers it gets lost in the immature behavior that precedes it.

Forget the ending where this poor behavior is explained (and so discredited) — it's not until the last 10 minutes that women get even a modicum of respect. And let's not forget the good guy in this film (the ever-charming Michael Cera, also of Juno) clearly respects women, but his one run-in with the girl of his dreams reveals her to be more than a little "willing," shall we say.

So what's the lesson? The one good guy who respects women and tries to keep his offensive friend in check actually turns out to be wrong about the girl he likes. That is to say: though she has her good points, she's willing to submit herself to degrading behavior whilst imbibing.

I'm not giving away any points about the movie here, so never fear. I'm just disappointed to see another otherwise good film with all the right elements rely almost entirely on humor that relegates women to such an unfortunate status.

Darn it, Judd. You're good at making movies, and great at making me hate myself for enjoying your movies. But how about if next time you produce something just as funny without teaching adolescent boys new euphemisms for the female anatomy?



Woodrow said...

The cops were my favorite.

And ps I saw a stop sign the other day with "hammer time" stenciled on it.

Supafly Turbo Cyborg said...

Attention everyone! Stop acting as if there is so much more to life than sex. I agree, this is a sad and depressing thing, especially considering the perennial massive build up and subsequent semi-letdown physical copulation entails.

The only reason anyone ever does anything is to receive sexual favors. Why does Nick have a job? So Nick can get laid. Why does Nick brush his teeth? So Nick can get laid. When you boil it all down, you end up with the only two ingredients of life: sex and beer.

The entirety of existence revolves around penises and vaginas somehow getting together. Usually, this involves some sort of intoxicant. Beer is probably the most common substance used for inhibition removal. Whether it is an a can, bottle, bong or a couple of old laundry detergent juggs, it has been doing the trick for thousands of years.

So, the bottom line is, Superbad is a movie about true life.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Woodrow - Yeah, the cops cracked me up, too.

STC - Reason #434 why I'll probably never get married. Men are scum. :)