Monday, February 27, 2006

The Third Worst Blog (From the Third Worst Poet)

In the words of Ross Perot's haplessly senile running mate: who am I? And why am I here?

If You Know Me
...then you also know how lousy I am at regularly e-mailing, calling and the like. Which isn't to say I don't want to stay in touch with friends — I do — but rather, it's not easy to do as often as I'd like.

Which brings us to what I'm doing here. In keeping with the current trend (we all know how trendy I am!), I thought I'd use fiber optics as a means of keeping everyone abreast of everything by posting the occasional life rant or movie review. I can't guarantee fine writing... I'm too out of practice for that. But I'll certainly do my best to keep everyone entertained and in touch. Not to mention, I'm hoping this will help me get back into the (creative) writing habit.

On Privacy
Given the nature of "blogging" and how such things tend to erase the boundaries between "public" and "private," I'll likely still be cryptic... i.e. I'll keep names and addresses on the down-low (perhaps I'll develop nicknames for everyone?). But, feel free to write or call if you'd like more details about any such posts.

Types of Entries
Movie & Book Reviews: No, I'm not trying to appear erudite or anything of the sort. I do these mostly for myself, as a means of remembering what I watch and read. I tend to commit things to memory better if I jot down a few thoughts after the fact. If you happen to get something out of them, all the better.

Haiku/Gesundheit: Relax, these are meant to be funny. They're not serious attempts at poetry though, yes, I realize a "real" haiku is quite serious (and relates to nature). I'm taking some poetic justice here, using the form as a means of cataloguing actual life events, all the while challenging myself to capture an experience in 17 syllables.

Nevillian Adventures: Whenever you see this tag on an entry, think "misadventure." I have a sort of a love/hate relationship with the great outdoors: I love it, but it hates me. This results in a variety of hiking / biking / camping / exploring outings that invariably lead to bleeding / limping / thirsting / itching / ranting / raving / burning and — above all others — laughing.

Faux Toes: When it comes to photography, I don't know what I'm doing — I just know I like doing it. I.e. If I find something to be aesthetically appealing or remotely amusing, I take a picture. I try to compromise for my lacking ability by taking a camera with me just about everywhere I go. I'll post a few such photos here from time to time, whether as a single entry or as a complement to haikus or observations. If for some bizarre reason you want to use one of my photographs for something, please ask first.

If You're Just Passing Through...
(A Grand Summary of My Life Thus Far)

I was born and raised in a small town in the Midwest. Moved around said small town enough to understand the life of hermetic nomads. Small town created desire to see big cities, so I went to grad school on the East Coast. Got hopelessly lost numerous times (country girls don't understand city streets), and learned the mysteries of the "compass" and "road maps" before moving back to the aforementioned small town to report on life events. Missed city life. Relocated to a nearby big city (even bigger than the East Coast mecca) to write in a very different vein (Other stores kill kittens! Not shopping us is un-American!). Got lost countless more times.

Am still trying to find my way.


michele said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! (yeah, I know you've been here for a while, but I only just found out) I started my blog because I was lazy about writing emails too, not that it's reduced the number of emails I seem to get!

Mollie said...

This space looks familiar...but you already have loads more writing than I do. I cop out of writing and just put up pictures! But I want to write more. I LOVE the title. I don't know what W.W. would think of this interpretation of barbarism, but he'd dead now anyways.