Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big in Japan

I'm world famous.

OK, so maybe not world famous. But at least pretty highly-respected in this city.

Or, I mean, I soon will be.

I take that back. Most people in this city won't even know that the photos they see up in a popular establishment were taken by yours truly.

And, yeah, maybe I don't get any credit for them. Or even any additional pay.

But at least *I* know they're my photographs.

And somehow, in someway, that's actually enough.

But here's the sad part: they're going up in one location first, and then a few others city-wide over the next few months. I was all "excited" about this debut — even planned on showing up and taking pictures of my pictures (yeah, I'm that lame) — and then I found out the address of the first location.

"You kidding me?" I said. "I wouldn't feel safe in an armored vehicle on that street corner."

I then made a very inappropriate comment about maybe doing a "drive by" (but not that kind), and actually felt kind of ashamed of myself.

But, hey, I'm famous! We famous people get away with all sorts of things. Just ask Michael Richards.

Oh, wait...


David said...

which ones and where?

Anonymous said...

OK, I am confused. Why are some pics you took going up in a DMZ? And will they go up in a lest hostile part of the town? And which pics?

At least you are almost getting the recognition you deserve. It's a start.

Jonas said...

Cool. The day is fast approaching when I can say: "I knew her when..."

Woodrow said...

Cool beans.

As you can see from my last post, I need a professional like yourself to take care of my photography needs. And seeing as how you just admitted that you work for free, you're hired.

And yeah, which ones?

Pamela said...


(I think?)

Franki said...

Can I have your autograph then? You'll be the first in my collection.

get zapped said...

Congrats! This was fun post ;)

disgruntled world citizen said...

err, ummm, okay. cool. i think? yes, sure, why not. yay! is that the right response?

M@ said...

That's awesome, Third! Remember, some of the best photography actually takes place in some of the poorer neighborhoods.

On my wall here, I have a great photo of a little minority kid limboing under a "Police Line Do Not Cross" tape, taken by a local Hispanic artist.

It's not like you're "Shutterbug" shooting in Afghanistan or anything. That was a good memoir, by the way.

Stacy said...

This sounds big. I am very excited for you. You should get some recognition though.

Meh said...

Very cool! Do you know all the locations where they'll be posted? Will you ever share WHERE?