Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Poor photography is an underappreciated art.

That is to say: sometimes I wonder if we're not so obsessed with freezing a moment in time that we forget -- or perhaps try our hardest to deny -- that the world doesn't wait for us or our tripods.

Rather, it just... goes.

Snowflakes hitting your lens and melting like rain drops.

People walking steps ahead of themselves, making time -- that old spectre -- visible in a way that even the finest watch struggles to articulate.

And tree limbs forced out of focus (and so brought into focus) by a photographer's impatient hands.

But, listen, there's more to every story. Look closer: there's a person here, walking away. Do you see them?

And, here, there's a phone line lost among tree limbs.

There's so much of this world that goes undiscovered, I fear, and if there's one thing I'm searching for, it's the company of people -- of someone -- who sees me point my camera at this scene:

And has no need to ask why.


ds said...

I'm begining to think that you're good. (more). I liked the other one too. the one you pulled. more direct. director. but this one might be better.

Eli said...

Nice post! I like your combining of words and pictures, very effective in capturing a mood.

And what's this, a new thumbnail?

M@ said...

We get it! We get it! Those parking signs are exceedingly rare considering the city of Chicago changed the font on its signage approximately seven or eight years ago.

That one's a beauty!

Pamela said...

I hope you find them --

Happy New Year!!!

get zapped said...

I love what you've done here. I especially like the parking sign piece. Such a funny and yet, beautiful image.

Happy New Year!

Stacy said...

Really, really nice. I have no questions.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

DS - I pulled it because I feared it was TOO direct. You know, pictures a little too close to the reality. And since the words relied on the pictures...

Eli - Glad you like. As for the thumbnail: I was tired of the same old shadow. Not to mention, having everyone think I was a boy.

Pamela - Same to you. Thanks.

Zapped - Glad you enjoy them. Happy New Year to you as well.

Stacy - I think this post was inspired primarily by someone asking why I took that photo as soon as I did. I mean, man, am I really such an odd bird?