Thursday, January 31, 2008

Of Writing & Introspection

All writing is therapy.

And therapy, sometimes, is torture.

But I lift my pen with a sigh

And write, all the same.


Tara said...

So true! I attended a 6 week writing workshop once, and it was simultaneously torturous and the most fulfilling thing I'd ever done.

M@ said...

What is going on in your second photo!?

The First Domino said...

You can't read what I write,
Unless you know my ABC's.

I could teach you outright,
Or you can recite along with me.

My life lived is the book I pen:
A page a day is all I need.

I know ahead how each will end:
I pen by thought, by word, by deed.

[I like what you capture with your camera.]

Anonymous said...

Writing isn't Therapy because you don't pay by the hour (which is really 50 minutes). :-P

Therapy is usually torture. Nothing worth having is free.

Speaking of free, who in the second picture is caged in, the people and cars or the photographer?

Pamela said...

keep it up
(I'm in a funk, so that was for me, too)