Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Like That. Like That.

You can't touch this

Can't touch this

Break it down!



***A special thank you to M.C. Hammer for grooves that defy space and time, local businesses with their wacky signs, and a random hooligan for the unifying theme.


XOXO said...

Is Mahboob like Mapoop?

Franki said...

I need a Hammer Time stencil desperately.

M@ said...

Love the Hammer! Nice find.

If I were President Huckabee, I would sign an executive order directing all states to change their stop signs thusly or risk losing federal highway funds.

Because it's funny.

Supafly Turbo Cyborg said...

It's sad to see the last sawbuck Hammer had was spent on a can of spray paint and a stencil.

Stacy said...

This collection is pure genius. funny too.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

XOXO - I wouldn't want to touch either of them, but most particularly the latter. No offense.

Franki - You and I both!

M@ - I was pretty excited when I walked past it. Returned the next night with my camera, fearful that street management might have replaced and/or painted over it in the meantime. I was glad to see they have a sense of humor — or are just lazy enough to let this one slide. Maybe both.

STC - Sad?! I think it's a stroke of genius. A sort of "remember me!" following a death rattle.

Stacy - I'm glad you think so. I was actually pretty disappointed that these were better received, as I was so amused when I stumbled onto each of them.

XOXO said...

I've seen some really great stuff in my city that would make great photos with you behind the lens. I'll show you next time you're here.