Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Seven Wonders of Me

So I was tagged by Beth, the game being to list seven things y'all don't already know about me. While some of you may, in fact, know one or two of these things (that means you, XOXO), most of these will be new to the majority.

  1. My first celebrity crush as a kid was Erik Estrada (of CHiPS fame). My second was Hulk Hogan.
  2. I've seen every episode of Full House. Twice.
  3. I was gifted Highlights and Ranger Rick subscriptions when I was 7. I enjoyed both immensely, but by the age of 10, I requested to instead have a subscription to Time.
  4. I created, organized and orchestrated martial art lessons during recess back in my elementary school days. Sometimes more than half of the playground would join me in what I called "Ancient Retarded Karate" (or "ARK" for short).
  5. I can balance coins on my elbow and then catch them mid-air.
  6. With the proper brand of chewing gum, I can blow a bubble within a bubble within a bubble.
  7. Y'all know how much I hate driving in the city, and all the rudeness that entails. But here's a driving pet peeve that knows no boundaries: smokers who throw their cigarettes out of the window. If ever I feel a genuine sense of road rage, it's then.


Supafly Turbo Cyborg said...

What a coincidence! My first celebrity crush was Larry Wilcox's motorcycle. On the other hand, I was partial to Discover around age 10. I guess I came out on top for the magazine race. Mine is a lame joke of a science magazine and yours followed Oldsmobile into "Things Really Old People Like as Much as Cafeterias, but No Longer Exist."

Continuing on...I refuse to believe you can accomplish said coin trick without severely injuring a bone.

And lastly, I thought I was one of the only people on earth yearning to make those smokers eat butts.

Anonymous said...

How many coins? I managed five once. The real trick was getting them to balance on my elbow.

I like the idea of making the smokers eat those butts. I always say "Hey! Just throw that anywhere!"

Did I mention I almost checked Erik Estrada at DragonCon? That's what happens when you don't pay attention to where you are going in a crowd.

Jonas said...

Oh, my! I REALLY want to see that bubblegum trick!

Woodrow said...

I had forgotten all about Highlights. Man, those were the days.

And you seriously need to post a picture of the bubble gum trick. That is so cool it almost makes up for you throwing your cat a birthday party.

melancholic optimist said...

I got Ranger Rick when I was a kid too! Yay :)

Beth said...

You were the grooviest kid!

Stacy said...

I never watched even one episode of Full House. Do you recommend it?
Please say no.

M@ said...

Hahahaha! I am laughing out loud at the idea of the teacher monitoring the playground, watching the Ancient Retarded Karate.

Trouble's a brewin'!

disgruntled world citizen said...

Interesting. I think I knew a couple of these. I, too had Highlights and Ranger Rick-- shared experience. My dad always got Time so, I've been reading that since I was a wee lad. I'm trying to think why my first celebrity crush was, I remember being quite taken by Andy McDowell. *laughs* I can just see you out there on the playground trainin your troops.

XOXO said...

I always thought of you as Galant and your bro as Goofus. i don't know why.

Pamela said...

These are great and I actually enjoyed reading them.

#5 and 6 actually made me envious.

I feel the same as #7. Our state has a hot line you can call. You get the driver license, describe the car, time of day, exactly where you were. They send a reprimand to the address of record from dept of licensing.

Pamela said...

check it out

radialrelish said...

The bubblegum trick is the coolest thing I've ever heard.