Thursday, February 15, 2007

Problem Being: I Have No Idea Where I'm Going

Dear Landlord,

As I will be vacating my apartment at the end of my lease, I understand that you could be showing it to potential tenants. It is also my understanding that, per the [tenant ordinance], I have the right to two full days notice before anyone enters my apartment. Because my residence has previously been entered without notice, left unlocked and in other various states of disarray on more than one occasion by your staff, I take this right very seriously.

Therefore, I am requesting that you comply and always give me a date and time two days before my apartment will be shown. On those occasions when I am given two days notice but am unable to be home at the time of the appointment, PLEASE assure that it is left in the same state it was upon entry (e.g. no mud caked along my floors). That includes engaging both locks on the front and back door, shutting any doors that are opened inside of the apartment, etc.

I appreciate your understanding — I’m concerned for the safety and well-being of my cat, as well as the security and cleanliness of my dwelling. So if you could please make sure I’m given the appropriate notice, and my apartment is left in the same state it was upon entry, I’ll make every effort to be as accommodating as possible.

Yours forever,

I mailed this letter today, though I haven't the slightest idea where I'm off to from here. I'm taking suggestions.


Academic Advisor said...

When is your lease up?

If by suggestions, you mean suggestions in the city, I'm afraid we can't help you, as I'm sure you know. But as you head off, if you are willing to be way off instead of just a little off, we might be able to offer something appealing.

Winter said...

I think anything is better than where you are now!

Anonymous said...

Did you send it registered mail? As you are on the way out the door anyhow, if they don't adhere to policy, nail them for it with whatever government agencies you can.

My advice: Seattle, Portland or Denver/Boulder. But that is me. They all have the same problem, though. Distance.

Winter said...

Move to Texas. Yesterday it was snowing and tomorrow it's suppose to get up to 63.