Monday, February 19, 2007

Haiku/Gesundheit (Volume XLIII)

to the woman in the large SUV who intentionally slammed her door into my car, not realizing i was still inside

part i
it's not my fault your
vehicle filled the whole spot
i glare, you panic

part ii
you're just lucky i
direct my distaste for mankind
inward and not out

to the makers of fine plastic wear

part i
the tip of your fork
is lost somewhere in a bed
of yummy white rice

part ii
that tip - my needle
that rice - my private haystack
you owe me a lunch

i guess you could say it's just another average day for those of us karmally-challenged

sure i could move but
there's no escaping karma
what's a girl to do?


XOXO said...

See! You are always worried people will see you, if you nap in your car. Point proven: people aren't that observant. A certain science teacher would be so sad.

Anonymous said...

See, you are a LOT nicer than I am. I would have lit her up.

I guess the phrase should be "No matter where you go, there's your karma."

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

XOXO- Unfortunately, the way the sidwalk winds around the parking spots here, people have a view into car seats. If I'm in there sleeping, people will know. I was running errands on my lunch break yesterday, somewhere across town, when the lady slammed her door into my car.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

BPP - Trust me. I was furious. I've got to find a healthy outlet for this recent build-up of frustration, though. That, or I've got to figure out some way to evade the karma police.

Matt said...

You need to learn how to direct some of that anger outward. :)

Anonymous said...

words today

again fog today has slowed slow and
no school for it and us.
the stretch morning coffee.

snow stopped us for days. now we
wait under fog.
I cannot become accustomed to work
when it does not happen.
the weekends are ends to
separate empty days.
and this was before the weather.
sun covered the empty summer.
leaves blew across the desolate
and the fall. now stuck between winter and flowers.

I have stuck work between. stuck
anger lust failure want fear
in the between, and stays with
empty. this is perfect. a
human is in my being, but
still loves. today there
was so much fog you could
not see the stoplights they
cancelled school people drove
slow and walked like ghosts I put
my hat on and smiled there was no
work and no nothing everywhere.