Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Haiku/Gesundheit (Volume XLII)

on confusing offline with online

offline at work i
almost called him washington
(that's not his real name)

i scream, you scream

it may be cold out
but still i crave good ice cream
someone explain this
i'll have the chickenpox primavera, please

is it just me or
does varicella sound like
a type of pasta?
frustration, as dictated to a friend while stuck in a parking lot traffic jam for 60 minutes

my bladder is full
and patience is running thin
this trip: my wasteland


XOXO said...

That last one seems to ring a bell. Weird.

Anonymous said...

It would have been sad if you had called him Washington and he didn't notice.

Because good ice cream is, well, good. (There is this place I know...)

OK, that is a story I have to hear. 60 minutes to get out of a parking lot? I don't think I have ever had things THAT bad. Damn.

Academic Advisor said...

I must confess, I think of him as Washington and sometimes call him that when conversing with Mollie, but I have a valid excuse. (Two if you count the fact that I tend to call most people I like by a nickname, their "true name" in my reckoning.) I seldom see him in person, so I encounter him here as "Washington" more than as himself.

Do you remember when we badgered you for weeks to find out who the mysterious "friend" was in your e-mails? That was back before he acquired his online alter ego. Is he two people now? Are we all?

Winter said...

What that's not his real name?! I thought he had the coolest name ever..

Yes, I'm being serious.