Monday, February 05, 2007

Dear Apartment People

An honest-to-God e-mail sent by me last night:

I apologize for sending this directly to your work account, rather than using the online work request form, but it doesn't appear to be working (I get a "Servlet Service Exception" message whenever I try). I thought I'd try my luck sending an e-mail to you instead.

Essentially, I'm having problems with the temperature in my apartment again this winter — particularly with the freeze we've had the last several days. It's been consistently under 60F in my kitchen (usually closer to 55 or 56), and my hallway, living room and dining room are usually only a couple degrees higher than that. The only rooms I can keep anywhere near the city-mandated 66/68F, in fact, are my bedroom and the bathroom (the two rooms where I can trap in heat with my door). Just for reference, all of my radiators are open/on all of the way.

I was gone for 24 hours this weekend, but when I returned on Sunday it was 51F in my kitchen. I realize my thermostat is right next to my back door, but it's also right above the radiator.

It was cold enough this afternoon/evening, in fact, that the pipes in my kitchen appear to be frozen. Whatever the cause, I can't get any water to come out of them. Luckily, the water IS at least working in the bathroom.

Because of previous problems with people coming into my place unannounced, and leaving broken glass on the floor, and my front door unlocked, I'd like to receive notice of any maintenance so that I can be home at the time.

Also, as of this Saturday my bedroom door no longer latches shut. As this is vital to keeping in the heat, I would like for that to be looked at as well.

So, in sum, the three things that need to be looked at are:

1- Possibly frozen pipes in kitchen
2- Heat
3- Door latch in bedroom



Winter said...

You may need a vacation more than I do.

XOXO said...

Oh, poor Maude! Was she so mad at you?

James Burnett said...

Where do you live? No worries, I'm not a stalker. But I ask 'cause most states have landlord/tenant laws that require them to give you at least 24-hours advance notice before coming into your place, even to make a repair. Hold 'em to that. And if they come in anyway and break something, stick it to 'em. Make 'em pay.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Winter - I desperately need a few worry-free days to relax. That's for sure.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

XOXO - Not so much angry as she was thrilled to have a source of warmth. She slept on my bed most of last night, something she rarely does for more than a few minutes.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

James - I believe those same laws apply here too. Management has come into my place a few times without asking, but I didn't say anything until the maintenance guy came in to a replace a broken window (one year after I reported it) without calling to let me know he was coming. He took out the shards of the pane and left it ALL on my floor. I actually discovered it by stepping in it barefoot; meanwhile, my cat was roaming around loose.

He had also left my front door unlocked and left no note letting me know he'd been there, or that he'd even be back. So I HAD to call to find out what the heck had happened. I was half-worried he'd cut himself and left in a hurry.

This time around, I made it very clear that I wanted to be there. The guy called and asked to go in without me; I asked when he would be going in, and he essentially said "now." I asked if he could wait until 3, so I could drive home from work, but he said he had to be out of there by 3:30 and "could we do it tomorrow instead?"

So tomorrow it is. Meanwhile, I'll buy a gallon jug of water for drinking purposes tonight.

Anonymous said...

I know you got the city invovled before but it may be time to do it again. This is beyond ridiculous. You need to get these guys thumped. Good luck getting some work done and nothing broken.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

BPP - Actually, I never got the city involved with the temperature situation. The only time I called the city was when someone had dumped gasoline and/or kerosene all along our back fence. And even then, I only called them because the management office was closed, and the maintenance guy at the time had left town for Mexico without telling anyone.

Bet that's what you're thinking of.