Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spiderwick Chronicles (Movie Review)

I'd never heard to this series of children's books prior to a preview for the film; I was, however, immediately impressed and later gave one book to my nephew as part of his Valentine's gift.

As I read the first couple chapters to him, I was amazed first by how much he already knew about the series (he was filling me in on missing gaps); and second, by how compelled I was to read further.

So I decided to watch Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) to help me "relate to my nephew" (read: because I have a soft spot for well-told children's stories, but I don't always want to admit it).

And while I wouldn't say my breath was taken away, I did enjoy it well enough and found it to be a great PG film with a couple PG-13 moments.

In short: Spiderwick Chronicles is about two brothers and a sister newly transplanted from New York City to an old farmhouse in the country. When one of the brothers discovers a book and fails to heed the warning to not open said book, he awakens an underworld of goblins trolls, ogres and other fantastical creatures.

He and his siblings enter into a battle essentially to save the world, their quest bookmarked with goings-on that borrow from a familiar canon: there are bits of Lord of the Rings, Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and other similar works, with some unique plot devices thrown in for good measure.

Overall, a great film for kids 6-12 that'll appeal to parents (and aunts!) as well.

I may actually see this one again — if my nephew hasn't yet had a chance to, the next time I'm home.



Pamela said...

I keep thinking I'll be with one of my grandkids and have an excuse to go see it.

I'd even considered buying the books for a couple of them.

Supafly Turbo Cyborg said...

I wouldn't call it a soft spot, I would say, in regard to well told children's stories, it is better described as a festering bedsore.