Friday, February 22, 2008

Hot Fuzz (Movie Review)

What a smart comedy — clever, well-written and just enough twists and turns to keep our modern day (that is to say, "short") attention spans on the hook.

By no means is this "slapstick" or anything of the sort; I wasn't howling with laughter until my stomach ached. And yet: I never lost interest in this film, and was always amused on some level or another — with my face contorted somewhere between a chuckle and a grin.

Hot Fuzz (2007) is a British comedy wherein London's top cop, Nicholas Angel, is forcibly relocated to a small rural community when his big-city colleagues determine that by being so good at his job, he makes the rest of them look bad.

So it's off to the supposedly crime-free village of Sandford, a sleepy little town with a murder rate of zero and an "accident resulting in fatality" rate that's off the charts. But Angel is alone in realizing the word "accident" is used a little too loosely in Sandford, with only a goof ball partner (who Angel himself arrested his first night in town) to offer him backup.

Hot Fuzz is a tad more violent than I'd been expecting — hence its "R" rating — but it was also far more amusing than even its stateside previews gave it credit for being. It's from the same guys who did Shaun of the Dead — a comedic zombie spoof — if that gives you any idea.



=) said...

I didn't think I would like Shaun of the Dead, and did quite a bit. We Netflixed (yes that't right, I used it as a verb)this and the Chief and I both likeds it! Made me leary of joining the gardening club though!

The First Domino said...

Good movie review.
You do this so well.
Hot Fuzz is now a must-see
for me,
Thanks to your: "I've seen the show, now I'm eager to tell."

ds said...

I liked it ok, but that end fight scene was about 17 hours too long.

michele said...

You don't say whether you also like _Shaun of the Dead_, but if you did and part of that reason is Simon Pegg, you might also like _Big Nothing_ (2006) which stars Pegg, David Schwimmer, and Alice Eve in a story of small time criminals messing everything up in suprising ways.

Bookfraud said...

"hot fuzz" didn't get the props or box office it deserved. simon pegg is a hoot; should be a bigger star. he's got the most british face on an actor since alec guiness.

Anonymous said...

Can I recommend that if you like "Fuzz" and "Shaun" you really really should get hold of "Spaced" the sitcom Pegg, Wright and Jessica Stevenson (has a brief cameo in "Shaun") made in the late 90s. Absolute genius.