Friday, February 08, 2008

Paradigm Shift

There's no telling when it will happen.

At a busy intersection.

Alone in your apartment.

Or watching your socks spin around one another at a busy laundromat.

But when it does happen — when you feel all of those layers melting from around you —

When you have ceased to protect yourself with the television, the book, the humor,

(those inanities designed only to distract)

You will be left with nothing

but the worst of yourself.


Anonymous said...

We all have our little illusions that get us through the day. We all have our little mantras that keep us sane. We all have "the big lie" we tell ourselves (I'll lose ten pounds/I'll get a new job/I'll write a book/I'll get married?I'll have children/Whatever) that keep us going. But underneath it all, there is the reality we are trying to avoid seeing. If you run fast enough, you'll never catch yourself up. At least you hope you won't.

There is a reason people drink and do drugs.

M@ said...

Yes, the reason people drink and smoke the marijuana. When you stop doing that, you find yourself alone in your apartment, wondering what the hell. Or maybe that's just me.

P.S. I think OBL is at Jane Fonda's house.

Jonas said...

...or...the best of your self...

Stacy said...

and you realize, it's not so bad after all.