Friday, February 29, 2008

Entertainment at the Leap Year Colony

This kiosk normally reads "free."

According to the Shedd Aquarium, this is one of three things lizards ever bother to communicate. See? They're not all that different from humans. Well... at least the second part of that expression.

My Caucasian readers might also enjoy this website.


bookfraud said...

times like this i miss living in chicago.

Supafly Turbo Cyborg said...

What? No "Yo A PENIS"? I'm offended you're not making more obvious dick jokes.

ds said...

today is the first timequake of the year.

M@ said...

That's my bumper sticker.

The First Domino said...

It's easier to father a child,
than it is to father a transforming idea.

It's easier to bring up a child,
than it is to bring to fruition a grand concept.

It's easier to impart knowledge to a child,
than it is to imbue the world with wisdom.

It's easier to change the life of one,
than be the life of one in need of change.