Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Road Mistaken

Very seldom do things work out precisely as you plan. You will find yourself loving people you'd never planned on loving and staying in places you'd never intend to stay.

But this is life, and you can take it or leave it — as the cliche goes — and so long as you're avoiding the latter, you may as well make the best of whatever time you have.

But sometimes it is... difficult. Like listening to one of your favorite musicians belt out one of your favorite songs, experiencing the moment as if only by proxy

Your hands too often on the shutter

As though wanting to share a moment that is — you acknowledge with a sigh — entirely your own.

But there are others all around you. Hundreds upon hundreds, your uncommon life experiences most common among this crowd.

The consensus undeniable as a stranger turns to you during intermission and says, "So what do you think so far?"

"Brilliant," you tell him. "But then again — I've never known them to disappoint."

From there two strangers politely converse, united for a moment by a shared fondness for sound and a fear of passing time in silence.

But no moment lasts forever, and with the end of intermission — and then the encore — you rise from your seat and turn from one another as if strangers again.

"So this is life," you think, joining the crowd in a chest-to-back rush for signs marked "EXIT."

You look over your shoulder and return your mind to the empty stage, a little sick to note that the one once closest to you

is now the furthest away.


Eli said...

You really have a way with words... and that last photo is especially cool too!

david said...

A. I can't believe that more people commented on the superdelegates than on those beautiful pictures and words and the fact that you got to see Wilco.

B. I am envious of your way with words, your eye for photograghs, and your great seat for Wilco.

The First Domino said...

I, too, have been a stranger
and have fumbled for words to break the ice,

so much water hardening in the silence of the soul, the way a lake freezes on a cold wintry night.

Yet, that very same water, once transformed by the freeze, creates a winter wonderland of icicle -laden trees,

snow banks of glistening flakes, and extends a glad invitation to ice skaters, those frozen-water nymphs

to cut the ice with their blades until a spring thaw makes ice and blade-dancing a thing that the sun's warmth has ended for now.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Eli - Thanks! Dig the new profile pic, by the way.

David A - I've noticed the longer the post, the less the likelihood of comments. S'ok, though. We're all a bit busy.

David B - Thank you. As for the tickets: it was general admission, so it was really just a matter of timing and luck. Though I was actually quite a bit further back than you'd think... I'll thank my camera's zoom for the close-ups. Have you seen Wilco perform live before? Glad to hear you might also be a fan.

Domino - How on earth do you do that? Do these rhymes come to you quickly, or do they take a little time?

[Yeah, I just did it... sort of. :) ]

Winter said...

Love the pictures...

Jonas said...

Interesting take on the concert experience. Me? I just want to feel the sounds move through me. That's all. That's enough for me. I'm simple that way.

Jeebus, don't you just hate looking for parking in the vicinity of the Riv and the Aragon?

M@ said...

Chicago + girl = Wilco fan.

the first domino said...


"Domino - How on earth do you do that? Do these rhymes come to you quickly, or do they take a little time?"

Usually quickly.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Winter - Glad you like them. Welcome back!

Jonas - It does indeed suck, even when there isn't a show going on. I was rallying to get there by train, but my friend insisted on driving. We somehow managed to find a space in recording timing, though I'm not so sure we were parked legally...

M@ - A single girl at a Wilco concert is a hot commodity. Why? Because most Wilco fans are male. So there!

Domino - Well, I'm impressed.

Stacy said...

I cannot imagine the show was better than your writing and collaboration with photos, but I am pretty sure there is no doubt in your mind. Glad you got to see the show, bought tickets early?

ds said...

damn you and your wilco watching experience. every time I go to chicago (which is nearly never), I hope that I might just run into them walking around the city. I would be happy just to see mr Kotche pass me in cab. wilco - they are very funny guys. here's you gum back.