Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lost Cause

Whenever my iPod shuffles onto one of my favorite songs, I have a difficult time letting it play anything else. This is especially true when I'm working out (the only time I listen to my iPod, really). I'll hit "repeat" over and over until I'm satisfied that I've thoroughly digested the words enough for the evening.,. or, as is often the case, the workout comes to a conclusion.

This past Friday, I was hopelessly stuck on something by Beck -- whose music I've followed ever since I first heard "Loser" back in the mid-90s.

But if I may say so... I believe this may be his best song yet.


disgruntled world citizen said...

"Loser" is one of those songs that transports me to place in time. I wisked back to my freshman year in college, it brings wonderful memories back for me. The same holds true for Zombie, by the Cranberries.

Matt said...

Sometimes ya get stuck in a groove that you can't/won't stop.