Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blogger: Found

I've been meaning to offer up one of these posts for awhile now, but every time I made a note of an interesting search query (i.e. the way random people discover my blog using google, yahoo search, etc.), I seemed to store it on a different piece of paper than the time before. Things have gotten much better since I hired a bookkeeper.

Some of them make sense. Some... not so much.

why is meth so easy to obtain these days
adolescent thumbsucking
rumi's christian wife
laurence sterne's tristram shanty film
friedlander's handbags
whats the tragedy in six characters in search of an author
pets instead of kids
sebald rings of saturn criticism
in quiet desperation book review
yawp poems
a day without a mexican movie purpose of water dripping
samuel beckett vs. luigi pirandello
meta theatre in luigi pirandello
poems 4 sis like friend slides

after effect scanner darkly effects
raising the foot to flush a toilet in a public restroom
so lame the hair of tom

lee friedlander
lee friedlander photo style
lee friendlander reflections
tunes for bears to dance to video
translation of rumi "bittersweet"
noisy stomping upstairs neighbors boots
if i am evicted to i have to pay the rest of my rent
schweddy balls + SNL
schweddy weiners (SNL skit)
real monster truck etchings
mens toes photos


Matt said...

My site traffic spiked several months ago when I wrote a post about bestiality.... always amusing.

disgruntled world citizen said...

I am often amused by some of the search terms people use to land on my site. I think the most interesting one, so far, has been the phonenumber to a hotel i stayed in last year when were in New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

See how technologically backward I am? I didn't even know you could find info like that.

Bestiality? Really? Damn. Well, as they say in Avenue Q, the internet is for porn.

Winter said...

If it wasn't so creepy it would almost be funny.

Okay, I'm sorry, they are funny.

But I'm creepy like that.

hyacinths and biscuits said...

I'm interested in the real monster truck etchings. Flesh that one out. Also the mens toes photos - sounds riveting!