Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Spy... Cowboy Junkies?

Not only do I get a kick out of trying to "solve" this, but I'm pretty keen on it as a work of art. I've been unable to track down its source (I received it via e-mail), aside from the Brazilian URL in the upper righthand corner (and since the website is in Portuguese — I think — I'm not sure how to find it on there). Thus far, my google searches have been in vain.

The objective: identify 74 bands, past and present, as represented in this piece.

The Half Dollar Behind the Queen = 50 Cent
The Queen Herself = Queen
The Man with the Sledgehammar Surrounded by Pumpkins = Smashing Pumpkins.

And so on.

If you happen to know the name of the artist, please pass it along. And, by all means, let me know which of these mysteries you solve. I've figured out many, but some (e.g. the yellow man, the two guys in suits, the stegosaurus, and a couple others) have me stumped.

Have fun!

Requisite Disclaimer: If you're easily offended, don't look at the picture. Not all bands have pretty, happy names... the relevant images follow suit.

Post Script: Since I first "discovered" this image, I've found a website that offers all of the answers. But I'm refusing to look until I either 1. Figure them out on my own or 2. Grow so frustrated, my life (or job) depends on the solution. There is a shortcut, however. If you want to check and see if a band is mentioned, go here... and then replace "Blind Melon" with the suspected band name in the URL. If the answer comes back "0," the name you mentioned isn't in the picture. If it comes back "1," it is.

Post Script II: Hard to say for certain, but it sounds like Virgin Records was responsible for this pic (hence the large banner therein). Suspect this knowledge may upset a few folks, a la the live Simpsons animation.

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Anonymous said...


yellow man--is well, yellowman
The two guys in suits--could be "The Killers" or Blues Brothers
the stegosaurus--is a little or junior dinasour, hence Dinasour, Jr.

Thansk for this. I've had fund and found about 50.


PS--why wont blogger let me put this in an unordered list?