Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Haiku/Gesundheit (Volume VIII)

to the man who moved a half-eaten gyro to sit next to me on the train
(or "i hate to be rude, but...")

between your questions
and the smell of rotting grease
i'd like to change seats

on the gentrification of slums
(or "dining at a fine restaurant surrounded by projects")

you pay one dollar
and some guy "protects" your car
don't forget your tie!
to the man who lives upstairs

when you come home late
your stomping boots wake me up
(wish i could nap now)
if this is what grown-up life is about, i want to be a kid again

you begin every
meeting with "this'll be quick"
sorry for smirking
what to expect when everyone in your department is expecting

i'm starting to fear
your condition is catching
please don't sneeze on me
on discovering that flax is nutricious & delicious
(or "did you take your zen vitamin today?")

three pounds or five tons:
i never realized buddha
could be this tasty


Winter said...

If you publish a book of haikus... I promise to buy it

XOXO said...

Seriously, you should publish one. Are you in talks yet?

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Sadly, I have neither a publisher nor an agent. And you need at least one of those to eventually see this stuff on bookshelves. But if anyone out there knows someone in the publishing industry who'd take a gamble on a book of silly haikus... send 'em my way!

Anonymous said...

Your haikus are classic. I still have the flannel sheets one you wrote for me.

Everyone is expecting? What are they putting in the water cooler?