Saturday, March 29, 2008

In Bruges (Movie Review)

More "dark" than it is "comedy" — and yet still surprisingly humorous in parts — In Bruges (2008) is about two hitmen awaiting their next assignment (following a serious mistake with their previous job) in the quiet fairytale town of Bruges (that's in Belgium, for those beauty queens out there).

What struck me as being most interesting about this film — along with the humor, in spite of the sometimes gruesome bloodshed — is just how thoughtful it is. These hitmen have "principles" — ironic as that may seem — and in living by their principles they become caught in a seemingly endless cycle of senseless killing. And yet, it's not entirely endless.

Watch the film, and you'll see what I mean. A bit of a warning though: there's a lot of gore towards the end. But then again, this story is about hitmen....



M@ said...

As long as there's no sex in it, Yawp. I hate sex.

michele said...

Glad to see someone else liked this movie! (or even saw it!) I like what you say about the thoughtfulness of it. I thought it was supplemented by a kind of sorrow as well - one of those puzzled "now, how did I get here?" kind of situations where both men start to question not so much their line of work, but whatever fates it was that brought them to it.