Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ever Seen Grease in the Winter?

"I don't recall the breadsticks here being so greasy," I said, gesturing toward the paper that lined my tray — now translucent in any spots touched by bread.

"Oh, yeah," responded my friend. "They're pretty greasy."

"Hey," she continued. "Did you know there's a dinosaur in your grease?"

"You're right!" I said. "I'm going to save the paper and sell this on eBay. It's like the Virgin Mary, only... I'm being visited by a brachiosaurus instead."

Later, after complaining about how full we were, we stopped by the closest Steak and Shake for a sippable turtle sundae.

It was here that we were exposed to truth in advertising.

We both normally eat healthier than this — promise.


bookfraud said...

thank you for taking the photo of the grease stain and sharing it with us. only a brilliant creative mind would bother to do so.

about 20 years and 30 lbs. ago, i was doing the shake n' steak thing. i was seeing dinosaurs in grease stains. i was living large like you.

i'm jealous.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

BF - Who you callin' large?

Tara said...

I bet someone will buy it on ebay. For sure.

Pamela said...

two very observant (and funny) things.

I better keep my eyes open and my camera handy.

Supafly Turbo Cyborg said...

That had better be the best breakfat ever if they're going to charge $399 for it.

Stacy said...

The apparition makes me weep, an ecstatic experience like this does make me crave a big fat breakfast. It all makes so much sense.

XOXO said...

Maybe the grease stains are like the tea leaves in Miss Trelawny's class. Do you think they tell the future? I guess it seems more like the past.

=) said...

So here's the plan. You find the high bidder of this auction, then contact them directly. Cut out the middle man and increse profits!