Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Lesson in Irony

Everyone keeps saying race isn't an issue in the presidential primaries. Then why on earth do we keep talking about it?


In honor of this purported color blindness, I give you a picture of white people banging on African drums.


MelO said...

LOL... I love it TWP!!!

Woodrow said...
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Woodrow said...

never mind

Race seemed to matter to the old white men down at the barber shop the other day. One of them said, and I quote.

"I aint ever voted for no republican, but I guarantee you I aint ever gonna vote for no nigger."

And the other old men nodded in agreement. Later the boy said "Dad, what's a nigger?"

Reluctant Kerry said...


How multi-culti!

ds said...

you should see me play blues.

M@ said...

All politics is tribal, as pundit Pat Buchanan says.

When someone tells you that race is not part of the political debate, they are trying to manipulate you.

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Stacy said...

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As for this picture, sounds really bad from here.