Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Storyboards for the Living

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself

is also the worst.

(and vice versa)

Like going to places you should

(or shouldn't)

opening and closing old wounds until there ceases to be a difference between your biggest ache and your sole comfort.

The trick, I think, is to have a moment simply be. To have the best be the best,

and the worst the worst.

But the question remains: when it happens, will you know it? Will you recognize it for what it is?

Or will you let it pass you by.

I dread to think that all life long, we busy ourselves with the latter.

All the while forgetting that we haven't, really, the time.


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

This may possibly be the dumbest entry I've ever published here. So if I recognize that, why am I posting it anyway?


Guess I want everyone to see the depths of my negative potential.

XOXO said...

Probably the hardest hitting posts I've read. And that right there is why we do what we do.

radialrelish said...

Beutiful pictures. It's a wonderful post, you should be less critcal of yourself. Also, I found a blog you might like. Here's a taste. (I hope what I've done here creates a link.)

radialrelish said...

Um, so I just tried to make the link thing on another friend's site, and it took me to my blogger dashboard. So I'm worried that might happen again. You should check it out nevertheless (not my dashboard of course, but the other site).

Anonymous said...

How many people are ever actually in the moment? Especially this time of year? How many people are too busy spending there time in the future (worrying about things that may or may not happen) or in the past (feeling guilty about things they have done but can't change)? And to what end?

No, we really don't have much time on this planet. And that time is slipping through our fingers.

I liked this posting and the pics. Nice pic of you, BTW.

Winter said...


M@ said...

As a reporter, I'm sure you might have a digital recorder.... You should take some audio sometime and couple it w/ your photos. Nice stuff.

M@ said...

This is certainly not more depressing than my death penalty post. :)

Jonas said...

I thought your post was good stuff.

Franki said...

I thought this was very moving. Wondering why you thought it was dumb.

Stacy said...

That's the big ironic paradox isn't it? Surrounded by miracles, beauty, indescribable majesty and wallowing around in blind stressed out worry most the time.I think it's a beautiful post.