Thursday, December 06, 2007

Because I Have the Sense of Humor of a 12-year-old Boy

You know how a knock-knock joke works, right?



Now that we've established that, I want to tell you a joke. Problem being it's a knock-knock joke, and it's kind of hard to get the full effect when you're talking from behind a computer screen.

So if we're going to do this — and, trust me, you'll want to — I need for you to promise you'll say your line out loud (just not too loud). I'm leaving your "lines" blank below so you can fill them in as well go along.

OK. Promise to say your response out loud?

OK then.

Here it goes:

Me: Knock knock.


Me: I eat mop.



thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

If that's not the funniest joke you've heard in a long time, you're not doing in right.

Tara said...

huh huh huh... That was my online chuckle. Fortunately, you prewarned me and I didn't say it TOO loud. :)

Michael K said...

You eat your poo!

Franki said...

I'm so doing this to my kids when they get home from school. Hahaha!

Frankily Yours

SMEge said...

still not nearly as funny at my all time favorite.

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Dwayne Who?

Dwayne the bathtub, I'm Dwowning!

Who says you don't use what you learned in third grade?

disgruntled world citizen said...


Anonymous said...

That was comedy. :) I still prefer elephant jokes, though.

"I can hide out under there..."

ds said...

you're sofa king we todd did.

M@ said...

oh, eat it and DIE, Yawp!

ds said...

there are these award things that I've seen for people that blah blah blah blog. you should get one.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Tara - Phew! I told one friend over the found while she was with her study group. She said it outloud and everyone around her started chuckling.

Michael - No, my online blogger friend. You do.

Franki - How'd it go? I'm debating about whether or not my 5 year old nephew is ready for it.

Smege - I won't pretend I found that to be as funny as my mop job, but it did find it mildly amusing.

DWC - I thought so.

BPP - Ha! I forgot about your elephant joke fetish.

DS - Sofa king hilarious!

Matt - Don't hate me because you fell for it.

DS, Part II - It'd be an honor just to be nominated.

XOXO said...

Please tell me you're gonna try this on your dad. It was pretty funny when my dad said it.

Pamela said...

that might explain the barfing. eeeeeew

Stacy said...

What kind of award do you get for NOT getting it until reading the comments? Just curious, not saying I didn't get it or anything.

Woodrow said...

Aww shit. The boy is going to love that one!