Friday, August 10, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum (Movie Review)

This movie isn't perfect, but it is nevertheless a thrill to watch.

And by that I mean: the Bourne series continues to be one of the best of its genre, trumping the usually empty plot lines (typically sacrificed in the name of special effects and action sequences) and offering up something that is just as exciting to watch as it is compelling to witness.

But there were times when I found characters' actions to be a wee bit unbelievable, or particular circumstances unrealistic.

But when you compare that to other "action" films, it's still a gem of the genre. And just in case you think need to watch the first two Bourne films to understand this one: I saw the first, but not the second, and still followed this one just fine. Though, to be fair, I was confused on a few points and think this installment, entire of itself, left a few of those proverbial stones unturned.

For those of you entirely unfamiliar with the series: Matt Damon stars as Jason Bourne, a highly trained military man who finds himself hunted by the very people he used to work for. As he searches for clues to piece together his past (he has no memory, save for occasional hazy flashbacks), he fights to remain alive as the U.S. government continuously puts assassins hot on his trail.


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