Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Along Came Polly (Movie Review)

I was desperate for a laugh when I watched this movie, and viewed it with friends who love enough to watch it over and over.

In which case, I liked it quite a bit more than I otherwise would have. There are funny moments, no question, but it's generally trite. Still, I give it a tad more credit than do most reviewers. It's rated sufficiently rotten on the Rottenometer.

In it, Ben Stiller plays his usual charming self as the practical guy who plots out his life — including marriage to a perfect woman — only to have her cheat on him on their honeymoon. He goes home crestfallen and meets "Polly" (played by Jennifer Aniston): a happy-go-lucky semi-granola chick he knows from junior high.

I laughed, though some of the funniest bits were reminiscent of much more entertaining (e.g. Something about Mary) Ben Stiller flicks.

Final Grade: C+

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