Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Haiku/Gesundheit (Volume XLXII)

on seeing 30 seconds of jerry springer on a television with rabbit ears
(or, "funny how static changes perception")

today's show features
a butter love triangle
talk about messy

on being hit on at the laundromat by an admitted gang banger

you seem nice enough
but you've clearly been smoking
hey, where's your laundry?
talk about a weird night

i'm done with laundry
till i have my own machines
so what if i stink
on almost being killed in the ghetto
(or, "thanks to the city police for shutting down an important road late at night")

there's no place to turn
so i turn south and then west
worst detour ever
ok, so i wasn't almost killed but you get the idea

bars on all windows
and embers of death falling*
from broken wires

*We were driving late at night in honest-to-goodness gang territory — one of the most unsafe neighborhoods in the city, where weekly some innocent person (oftentimes, sadly, a child) gets caught in the crossfire of rivaling gangs. While ascertaining I maintained at least a full car length between us and the car ahead (so we could do a 180 if necessary), I then had to take evasive measures to dodge sparks — actual, electrical SPARKS — flying down from above. Washington cleverly termed these "falling embers of death." We decided at one point that our commute home was something straight out of Grand Theft Auto.


Anonymous said...

Butter... Love... Triangle...
Huh? I am pretty damn sure those three words don't belong together. Kind of like Vulcan Sex Kitten.

I know have Eric Cartmen singing "In the Ghetto" stuck in my head. I am glad you are alive.

Hey, it is always flattering to get hit on even if it is by a thug.

radialrelish said...

I think butter love triangle and vulcan sex kitten are two sets of three words that should always be together!

Pamela said...

my grandaughters kitten keeps walking on my keys.
her responses are making more sense than mine.

Trying to catch up on some blogs tonight.

I got lost in the butter love