Monday, August 13, 2007

Objects in the Mirror

These photos don't do this particular sunset justice: it was absolutely stunning. But the resultant images are a bit out of focus, and I didn't zoom in enough. But to my credit, I did shoot them while driving — and by that I mean I was at the wheel — on an interstate.


Beth said...

Lovely shots! I love taking photos while driving. Surprisingly, I haven't had an accident in years.

Stacy said...

Did you say 70 mph? You are really talented, I have a hard time staying on the road while just looking at the scenery.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice.

Saturday I mentioned missing the sunset during dinner. The GF said "Ya know, I bet there will be another one tomorrow." Thanks.


Winter said...

I once brushed my teeth while driving. Top that.

Beautiful pictures btw.

Michael K said...

Couldn't you have been a little safer and picked up a hobo and asked him to take the pics for you?

michele said...

Great shots! I especially love your choice of framing on the first one.

I too have often shot as I drive, something that makes my husband crazy, but if you do it often enough, you hardly have to look down at the camera - it just becomes an extension of your hand. Changing the radio station can sometimes be more distracting!

Pamela said...

hey.. you even did the inside mirror.
I wasn't driving while photographing like you were.

However, had the camera been in my hand while I was driving - I would have captured a moon instead...
a motorcycle mama - and she was losing her pants big time.

You said your pictures weren't good. They are much clearer than mine.

I have a canon power shot, and I don't think it's meant for 70 mph pictures.... but that's what we were doing.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots--like the Midwewstern sunsets.