Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ocean's Twelve (Movie Review)

Watching Ocean's 12 (2004) made me wish I'd actually seen Ocean's 11 (2001). That's not to say I found the film to be altogether brilliant, but that I enjoyed watching it.

(There's a difference — I promise.)

It's a fun movie, with a reasonable level of energy. But the plot is also riddled with holes and other devices that had me scratching my head, annoying my movie-watching companion with comments such as "Now that just doesn't make sense" and "Why is he even doing that?".

The very premise struck me as being absurd. Basically, this film is about the group of charming thieves from Ocean's 11 joining forces once again to steal enough money to pay back — with interest — the money they stole from the guy in the first movie. Of course, someone new joins their gang — hence the "12" of this sequel's title.

I appreciate this "clever" ironic twist, even as I wonder why they were sharp enough to pull off the heist, but not to keep the bounty. Among other things.

I suspect it didn't help matters that I didn't see the first film — the more I watched 12, the more I felt like I needed to see 11 first.


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James Burnett said...

Yeah, you gotta see 11 before 12. It explains some relationships.

I never wanted to see a remake of 11 in the first place. But I thought Clooney and co. did a good job of it.

I think they're going over the top though, with the upcoming 13.