Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Disappointment 101

See? I was right. No tripod + after sunset + reflective surface + lacking ability = bad photo.

At least you can't say I didn't warn you.


michele said...

I don't know that it doesn't work. The (minor) difficulty I have as a viewer making sense of the photo and reading the title delays my reading of it just long enough so that the import of "reality bites" is actually accentuated. By having to work to decipher the photo, the juxtaposition of the text on the CD with the background merges the two into something that seems important enough to need deciphering. To me, this deciphering is one of the things that differentiates art from simply recording an image.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the reflective surface helps. I like how the glare line cuts across the CD. (I doubt glare line is the right term but you get what I mean.) The shiny man made surface on the drab natural background is perfect. I like the picture. I get the feeling you had a different view of it in mind, though.