Tuesday, January 09, 2007

At Least I'm Not Bitter about It

So I sucked it up and purchased a Far Side desk calendar, fifty percent off, to make up for my previous misguided selection.

But I purchased it last week and threw it in my desk drawer, figuring I'd return it if "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" started to deliver better material. And because I dread to spend more money than is absolutely necessary, I certainly hoped it would.

(not that the calendar is a necessity, but that buying two definitely isn't)

Here's today's entry:

"It's tough being a stickler for punctuation these days. One almost dare not get up in the mornings."


There's only one man who can save me now.


Anonymous said...

It sucks that you had to get another calendar. At least you know that Gary Larson isn't going to let you down.

This tune reminds me of the Pessimist's Mug you got me. Thanks again. :)

Anonymous said...

Kate's mom just gave us a Catholic calendar. so many saints... so many days.

they're not sold out of those 'eats, shoots & leaves' calendars yet - are they? I'm in the market.


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

ds - it's yours, if we can find some way to get it to you that doesn't involved shipping.

i refuse to invest further in calendar acquisition.

though i suspect you'll see it on mega discounts at bookstores everywhere in the near future.