Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Camera Crisis (Update)

OK, so it works sometimes now. But not all. Maybe 30 percent of the time.

In any event, I'll either need to manufacture my own fix... or buy a new camera. And I hesitate to do the latter, as I've grown quite fond of this one. Not to mention, parting with cash is one of my least favorite things to do.

All this to say a photo or two may be on the way.

But not the "Reality Bites" shot. Not only has my camera continued in its fits everytime I've tried for the shot, but if I do capture it, I won't be able to post it.

I worked it up too greatly. Anything I actually take, then, will fall tremendously short of expectations generated by my previous post.


Anonymous said...

OK, it sounds like you have a loose connection either between the stick and the slot or the slot and the camera "guts". You may want to talk to a respectable camera place to see if there is an easy fix. Good luck.

No, you couldn't take the pic. The picture in my head (and the story that goes along with it) are, sadly, better than anything reality could produce. At least you were able to paint a picture with words?

Handful Of Hell said...

The previous post was amusing to say the least. Schadenfreude, ha!! Every utterance of "NO MEMORY STICK" drips with impuissance ( and the agony that accrues with it! :)

That reminds me that my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT is atrophying away in its leather coffin :(

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

bpp - yep. the loss of the picture was a bummer. i do hope i can get this camera working, though. i like it all right, and i don't want to spend $400 finding something comparable (though they don't even make cameras with the night shot feature any more).

handful - i'll trade you cameras! see how willing i am to part with mine, when there's a canon rebel not being used?