Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still Further Proof that the Man Upstairs Hates Me with an Unabashed Passion

After penny-pinching for a few months and holding out for the best price possible, I recently bought some much coveted airfare at surprisingly low rates.

But necessity also compelled me to purchase a couple more outfits for work (figured "business casual" didn't call for holey shirts and frayed pants bottoms), which I did whilst enjoying a friends and family discount for the Republican Banana.

I even started shopping for a new wireless phone, as my contract was about to expire and it was time for an upgrade.

But God would have none of that.

Oh, no.

Rather, Maude has been suspiciously lazy and keeps adding on weight (not to mention, urinating in weird places), and a routine exam at the vet revealed that she most likely has a rare (though not entirely unheard of) condition that causes cysts — and secondary infections — to form in the bladder. What's that mean for me?

X-rays. Blood cultures. Urinalysis. Antibiotics via oral syringe. Temperature taking by means I'd rather not describe. Needing to add two more litter boxes to my one-bedroom apartment. Dietary supplements she turns her nose up at.

And lots and lots of money.

But oh, no, that's not all!

Of the two new litter boxes, the vet insisted one NOT have a lid.

So can you guess where Maude and Guest Cat both prefer to do their business?

Yes. That's right — number one and number two... from both cats... in the same, unhooded box.

That means litter all over the floor, occasional spill-over, and a smell that no amount of Glade Plug-Ins can erase.

The other two bigger, prettier — and most importantly, covered — boxes remain pristine.*

But that, still, is not all.

I went in for an oil change and found out my car was due for much more costly maintenance. So I paid the price, only to have them say, "Everything looks good."

But, hey, they topped off the windshield wiper fluid, and we all know how expensive that is (SMIRK).

In other words: I paid almost $200 for a few ounces of something I had a whole container of in the trunk of my car.

But wait — there's more!

Early this week, my cell phone (which is my main phone) went from old-but-functional to doesn't-hold-a-charge-overnight.

In other words: the battery is shot. As is its car charger, the bluetooth that goes with it, and the corded hands-free set I purchased to try and replace the latter on-the-cheap.

So I can replace the battery, bluetooth and car charger for my current phone at full price, or renew my two-year contract and get a new, better phone at a discounted rate.

OK, OK. I'm complaining when I shouldn't. But here's my real beef with the powers-that-be.

(And in this case, I mean Warner Bros).

The next Harry Potter film — originally slated to release this November — has been pushed back EIGHT MONTHS.

That's right. No more witches and wizards until July 2009.

That sound you hear — shhhh... — that's my heart dying.

A moment of silence, please.

*My priority, of course, is Maude's health — and I don't care if that makes me a crazy cat lady. Of course I wouldn't gripe about the money if I suspected she wasn't going to be OK. I'm taking donations all the same.


XOXO said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow. It always comes in huge buckets of (non-fatal) nastiness with you. I got the same routine maintenance on my car but it was only $117 to get my oil changed and washer fluid topped off. But they did wash it.

BTW, you win. When I saw the news last night about the next movie, I wondered which of my friends would say something first. You have to love it when studios put greed ahead of fans.

I hope the guy upstairs stops messing with you.

M@ said...

Did you go to Jiffy Lube? Those aholes tried to tell me that my car takes synthetic oil even though I'd always gone there previously. Then always w/ the upsell. I don't go there any more.

Seriously, this asshole begins by asking me what kind of oil my car takes. I was hungover and should have said WD-30.... He thought he had a real fish on the line. I should have said, "Why don't you tell me, Mr. Mechanic?"

Unacademic Advisor said...

You know, I could give a similar list of crap, which, as you well know, would also include the delay in the release of HP, one of our few simple pleasures. But there would also be a list of good things to offset it. Personally, I prefer to just accept both and move on. I don't have the energy or interest in doing more.

All our best wishes to Maude.

Pamela said...

all because radcliffe decided to appear in the nude (or so I hear)

as for your car -- might as well blame that on radcliffe, too (: