Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Everywhere Signs

And so ends the first major event of my summer, though I have much more to post about once I recuperate from this most recent bout of writing and photo uploading.

Until then, I give you sundry images from that 3,000 mile road trip — mainly, funny signs and other oddities that didn't jive with any previous entries, though I wanted to post them all the same.

But first: best to step back a rung or two on the maturity scale before scrolling down.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. You should try and sell PBR a new ad campaign. "PBR: Official Sports Drink of Mountain Bikers and Emergency Rooms!"

david said...

I knew there was a reason that cage is too small for my water bottle.

Pamela said...

We live in a weird world.

I have a photo of a Lube & Latte (yes, an oil change place serving coffee... I sure hope they can tell the difference.)