Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Fever: Catch It

This would be more humorous if it weren't so eerily plausible.

Chinese Officials: Deadly Virus Sweeping China Is Just Olympic Fever


M@ said...

This reminds me of a statement in the media from that 14 year-old gymnast, who's too young to compete by at least a year and won't explain her missing front BABY tooth!

"It is unreasonable of them to say I am too young to compete," she says.

1. They didn't ask you weather you think the rules are unreasonable.

2. They asked you whether you are in violation of the rules.

Jon said...

Man that's funny.

Stacy said...

I prefer not to look just now, too much depressing before my eyes lately and I feel helpless to make it brighter. Maybe later?