Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You Know It's Over When... immediately turn a conversation about all of the attractive, single guys who'll be at your friend's wedding into a discussion about your cat(s).*

*Of particular concern is when said conversation devolves into a wistful remark of how utterly cute it is when you reach down to pet said cat and she lovingly puts her paw on top of your foot.**

**Not that I would ever talk about something like that.***

***Who needs human companionship, anyway?


Anonymous said...

Men are dumb-dumb dooty heads with cooties. At least that is what my girlfriend keeps telling me.

TWP, I have several comments but they would all probably be rather pointless. At least you know that Maude is house broken, more than you can say about most single guys.

Oswald said...

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ds said...

you know, this is all too bad. I should try and hook you up with one of my loser alcoholic (at least) friends. now, if you want one with a job, then you're in luck, cause it's harvest season round here and they've got work for like another month. all off the books, baby. I'm not sure where I'm going with this. anyway - take care of yourself.

M@ said...

That must be one charming pussy!

disgruntled world citizen said...

*chuckles* it only took four comments, okay, three, number two looks more like spam than anything, but still it only took four comments...

Stacy said...

At least you were not told you would be sitting at the reject table, you know, because you had the type of personality to "deal with them"
true story, ask my sister.
So I asked her which doggie sweater she liked better and no showed at her wedding. Cats , dogs,rejects, guys, its all the same.