Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain Defends His No. 2

Attacking policies and track records?

That I understand.

But for the love of God, let a man have his No. 2 in peace.

[And, no, that isn't an Onion article — though the headline certainly reads like one.]


M@ said...

"Vortex" public figures are fair game... but the debate should remain... classy.

It's right to question Gov. Palin about her pregnant 17 year-old daughter given that she favors abstinence-only education for adolescents. After you get her honest answer, then it's over.

I love how many women hate this woman. "Who that N*&%@# think SHE is?"

david said...

Perhaps the headline writer wanted his/her 5 seconds of fame on Leno or Letterman during the Small Town News/Wacky Headlines bit

Anonymous said...

I love how most people automatically assume Democrat= Good and Republican = Evil.

M@ said...

Yawp, where are you?