Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sofa King Miserable

I have a headache today. I had a headache yesterday. I don't feel well.

I didn't get any sleep Saturday night (camping interrupted by the storm of the century), and Sunday I witnessed the most pitiful site, which I'll likely blog more about later (long story short: I found my parents dog — born when I was just a kid — dying in the backyard, unable to move and being eaten by flies despite being still alive).

Suffice it to say sleep Sunday night wasn't much better. My memory is a bit of a torture device in that I can't easily erase particular images from my brain.

But this week, well... this week is off to a poor start. This morning while getting ready, an odd, distant trickle of water erupted into a waterfall from above, as a portion of my bathroom ceiling bubbled to the size of a basketball and water spewed forth, pushing plaster (and with my luck: probably asbestos) from its path, creating a puddle of water on my bathroom floor that spilled out into the hallway.

I called my landlady and attempted to clean up the mess after the deluge slowed, and she informed me that she knew they were having "problems with the toilet" upstairs, and she'd take care of it "today."

She knew they were having problems, and she waited until this happened to take care of it?

And that was TOILET WATER I was cleaning up?! That I got all over my work clothes, requiring I change... and show up for work 90 minutes late?

And now I can barely concentrate, headache and all, terrified that the leak will start up again; that Maude might eat something that my landlady leaves on the floor; that our guest cat will escape if the door is left open.

I can't wait to leave work today, and for all the wrong reasons.

Estelle Getty is dead.

But, hey, there is this. At long last, a smile — albeit bittersweet — to mark the day.


ds said...

misery's the river of the world.

M@ said...

You're the only person whose life is worse than mine! Regarding that video? If that's not evidence of intelligence, I don't know what is.

Pamela said...

I'm so sorry about the dog. But, so glad you were able to ease his misery.

I hope they get a decent plumber in there soon!!

Anonymous said...

You know this already but I think some higher power (or maybe the neighbors upstairs) are telling you it is time to get out of that city. I hope the land lady does the right thing. Quickly.

MelO said...

oh I am so sorry to hear all of this! hope your day (week?) gets better soon!

XOXO said...

I thought for sure the lion was going to attack at the end. You know, like Grizzly Man style?

Stacy said...

Video posts are too fast to view from home, but. . .
I am sorry for your loss. Now I understand the NB post.
Your days seem on par with normal for me, sad to say.
I had a headache for a month after my fall and our toilet still leaking after my several attempts to repair it, at least its our toilet not the neighbors. Good for me, right?