Monday, October 08, 2007

On Missing

Off and on for several months, and then non-stop for the past two, Maude has been entertaining a guest cat.

Now you may recall she started off chasing him out of his own litter box, growling whenever he'd dare to sit in her favorite chair, or hiss when he'd sniff her, uh, "region."

But after awhile there was a sort of playfulness about their interaction. They didn't cuddle or clean each other, but they'd take off after one other down the hallway, sometimes often well into the night. At first I thought they were fighting -- thought Maude was being cruel again.

But then I realized sometimes he was chasing Maude. And sometimes he'd take off running while she was sitting and licking her own paws, causing her to pounce up and make way for him.

And sometimes when he'd be up in that aforementioned chair, tail wagging just inches from her face, she'd paw at it as though it were a toy mouse scotting along the hardwood floor.

But as of yesterday, he's gone.

And since they never cuddled, or preened, I never would've thought she'd miss him.

But she spent much of yesterday walking around my apartment, peeking into corners, and meowing this pathetic little cry.

At various intervals she'd return to me in my chair, meow, and then resume her search.

Is she sad? Lonely? Confused?

I'm starting to think it was cruel, honestly, to have made them part.


Michael K said...

It has been my wxperience that cats do not like change. I have had some cats in my life that freaked out over a new couch or a lamp. I think this is even more pronounced among cats that do not get outside very often.

disgruntled world citizen said...

I've told you before, Maude needs a buddy. I bet most of her "behavior" problems would cease if she had a friend. It might not be a bad idea, eh?

disgruntled world citizen said...

... Woody has been a much better cat since we got Emma.

Unacademic Advisor said...

Just because she looks for him, and literally misses his presence, does not not necessarily mean that she actually wants/wanted him there. She just got used to him and now wonders where he is. If she DIDN'T notice, then you'd have an issue. She will adjust to his absence in time just as she adjusted to his presence before.

Meh said...

If she starts to act lonely now that he's gone, you can always adopt another. I know a certain someone who volunteers at a shelter (and it's a good excuse to come see us!), if you just want to play with the cats anyway hehe.

Beth said...

Maybe Maude needs a cat.

Pamela said...

My experience with introducing a new cat - is finding cat spray

they can be pretty nasty about their home territory.

Glad that wasn't a problem for you. What a stink.