Monday, October 29, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Contrary to popular blogosphere belief — and contrary to my previous post — not only am I am a female, but I'm a heterosexual one to boot.

Which makes it particularly odd when I say that as a kid, I kept my hair long not for aesthetics and certainly not to fulfill any "Princess" stereotype. Quite the contrary.

In fact, my hair was invariably all the way down my back primarily because of my four-year-old response to the story of Samson and Delilah.

Silly, huh?

Even as I grew a bit older and my mind was able to rationalize the difference between legend and reality, I nevertheless continued to associate long hair with strength, which made it especially difficult to part with when I donated my mane to charity the first time.

But, what do you know but people responded rather positively to me with hair just above my shoulders. Enough so, in fact, that I resolved to keep it that way for quite some time. The shorter hair grew to symbolize all variety of drastic life changes, and in this manner a new facet of my personality was born.

I've grown my hair long again since then. It was mid-way down my back this time last year, and when I cut it off before the holidays I was quite glad to be rid of it. Every now and then in life, we need a drastic change.

Which is ironic when you consider that I decided this morning that I want to grow my hair long again, if only to offer myself the option to cut it off.

But, you know, next time I'm not so sure I will.


Franki said...

I've always had that crappy kinda hair that starts to knot up as soon as I grew it past my chin so I've never had any real attachment to it. I hope hair is not a sign of strength, or I'm in real trouble!

Unacademic Advisor said...

I know what you mean. I've let my beard grow since Darling Wife and I went on our summer camping trip. At first I kept it trimmed close and neat, but for over a month now I've done little other than wash and comb it. I admit that part of this is to avoid the necessity of shaving every day, and part of it is because I've never really had a full, bushy beard. I'm curious to see what it will be like. But just as you're saying, the biggest reason is that I like the idea of being able to shave it off at any point if I feel like it. Each day I ask, "Will today be the day?" So far I've answered, "Not yet." But the possibility always exists. I don't know why I enjoy this idea so much, but I do.

Winter said...

My hair and I have a love/hate relationship.

What is it with guys wanting girls to have longer hair?

Supafly Turbo Cyborg said...

Well, guys want girls to have long hair because it is fun to play with and it smells nice. Lets not forget the issue of gender identification. If I were running my fingers through a buzz-cut, I would not exactly feel like being amorous with that person.

As someone that is follicly challenged, I'm offended at the hemming and hawing occuring here. Having only the choices of comb-over and less-is-more, you should all be thankful for your luxurious and flowing locks.