Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If You Regularly Commute In City Traffic During Rush Hour, You've Dreamt of This


michele said...

Soaring above the traffic sounds like a great idea! But I think it would be comfier in one of these Sky cars:

Check out the FAQ for the price!

Unacademic Advisor said...

When I had to commute downtown for work, I used to say I was going to get a horse. I even had a place picked out to pasture him on the capitol lawn. Unrealistic, yes. But frustration does strange things to your head.

I like your idea better. But I prefer to just avoid the whole commuting thing altogether.

Michael K said...

This is how I feel when I ride my bike to work.

Stacy said...

I believe I could fly one of those things without passing out, maybe.

radialrelish said...

I don't commute, but I still dream of those, although I'd prefer one with a motor!

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Michele - I *so* want one of those!

UnAd - I'd be worried about my horse being nicked by cars attempting to parallel park around him.

Michael - Stop rubbing it in. A couple weekends I took a long stretch of bike path to *near* where I work. It took 2 hours. One way.

Stacy - I know I could. I'm just not so sure about my passengers.

RR - Oh, I dunno. I like the idea of getting a workout whilst flying to work.

Mariposa said...


Pamela said...

I see one of these flying around - I think he just does it for pleasure.

I'd like to try it once