Thursday, September 20, 2007

For Those Who Have Asked to See Pictures of My New Car and/or My New Nephew

Now you get to see BOTH!

Yes, kids, that's my trunk. And, yes, that's my nephew.* We ran out of seats in the front, and he tucked rather nicely into the back — not to mention, he actually seemed to like it there.

Relax. It wasn't a long drive.

OK, so maybe he wasn't so thrilled once the car started to move...

Just kidding. That's him kicking his feet around, a favorite hobby of his (for the record, he also enjoys laughing, cooing, soiling perfectly good diapers, dancing, "talking" to his parents, and spitting up on Washington).

[Who, for the record, was the one to put him in the trunk in the first place — the "spit up" occurred a couple hours later — I suspect a conscious act of revenge. This is one smart kid, I tell you.]

Anyway. A fair few of you are probably mortified by now, so you can rest assured the car remained in park the entire 30 seconds my nephew was momentarily stowed away.

He's still just as happy and healthy as ever. Here's proof:

See? One week later, and perfectly fine. Sorry to say I can't take credit for this photo — it's his mother's handiwork. Apparently he was looking outside rather intently, watching his father scrape paint away from (what was once) an opaque window.

*Professional stunt baby. Don't try this at home or in parking lots. No babies were harmed and/or ever in immediate danger in the creation of this post. Babies belong in properly secured car seats, not trunks. Thank you.


Michael K said...

I am less apalled by the fact that he is in a trunk than I am that he appears to be passed out drunk next to a large bottle of liquor.

Franki said...

When my kids were toddlers, I used to open up all the doors and trunk with openings into the car and let them play to their hearts content.


Is that bad?

It was like a big playpen.

XOXO said...

His hair is just like your dad's! He is cute. I can't imagine how big my new nephew will be whenever i get to see him next. :(

Workman said...

How old is he? Cute little guy.

Beth said...

I love professional stunt babies.

disgruntled world citizen said...

whew... i can get my daily dose of thridworst... i was blocked from reading your blog last night and i becace dispondent and upset. i watched a good movie last night, though and that made up for it. the movie was a happy accident on netflix's part. i shall endevour to write about it soon-- the movie and the happy accident.

as for the stunt baby... sweet... does he like playing football, err i mean BEING the football? football babies rule! lol

The Idea Of Progress said...

Baby in the trunk...Kind of like a Tarantino movie.