Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Speaking of Melodrama

Two or three weeks ago, I was having breakfast at my favorite little all-vegetarian, peace-loving joint when this girl at a nearby table disturbed the establishment's vibe and crushed my mellow when she said — nay, shouted — that she "hated" depressed people and wished "they would just get over it."

She continued:

"I mean, suck it up, be an adult, and stop moping around."

She and her friends continued on the subject matter for a few minutes more. Her boyfriend, and the couple across from them, seemed to be a bit less insensitive (and certainly not as loud) in regards to the subject matter. But however you look at it, she was proof that there are some people out there so chronically privileged — so perfect — that they cannot even fathom anything less.

I felt sorry for this girl, in a way. Her insensitivity and her ignorance will likely come back to haunt her. And how will she handle herself during such a time? Not well, I suspect.

That said, I too am human. And my pity for her and her future predicaments was accompanied by a peculiar distaste.

And so I hope, quite earnestly, that the glare cast in her direction was not entirely in vain.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, pretty pretty princesses are usually immune to the glares of those less privileged. Funny thing, though. It has been my experience they can hear you laughing at them a mile away. :-D

I am with you. When life comes crashing down on her head (after her Ken Doll husband trades her in on a youunger model and her kids are either in therapy, rehab or both) she'll wonder why the universe is so cruel. Too bad no one will tell HER to just get over it.

No, I'm not bitter much.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

DS - I want to post your comment. I really do. I'm not holding it back because you disagreed with me (or didn't you - you did wink at the end) and agreed with the "princess."

But you used my initials.

Plus, eh, endorsing suicide does seem a wee bit harsh. Even it did smack a bit of Jonathon Swift.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

BPP - It was her use of the word "hate" that really got to me.

I just hope a depressed friend never approaches her for help. The outcome could be tragic.

Stacy said...

i never trust anyone who doesn't admit to being depressed, ever!

XOXO said...

I know who this girl can befriend. Pure hatred, dislike for those less fortunate, public mockary...I went to school with her and still now have to interact with her. Yuck.

disgruntled world citizen said...

you get cool points for using the phrase "crushed my mello."