Saturday, December 16, 2006

To the Makers of Moderately Priced Clothing

Please stop putting those death tags in my clothes. You know the ones I mean: those cloth-encased strips of who-knows-what that read "Please remove before washing or wearing."

As with my "new" gray courdoroys, I tend to wear & wash these articles of clothing 2-3 times before I ever realize such a tag exists (and usually when I do, I'm in a public restroom somewhere miles away from scissors).

At which point, I can't help but wonder: what's in those tags, anyway? And what are the side effects of long-term exposure?

If fatigue, malaise and a generalized dissipation of the Christmas spirit are on the list, I think a lawsuit may be in order.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you call your attorney immediately! Sue now! It is the American way! "When in Doubt, Litigate!" (I am thinking it is the new National Pasttime.)

Why don't they add another person at the end of the assembly process to remove the tags for us?

Winter said...

I've never seen those before! When I get home I'm going through my closet..

Anonymous said...

I must wear pre-moderately priced ( cheap ) clothes because I also have yet to notice this death tag. in fact, I'm currently wearing my free wal-mart pants. not because I stole them. I had every intention of spending the full $14.98, but because the checkout lady was spastic and took out the hanger, folded them, and placed them directly in the bag. or maybe it was 'free pants with purchase of dishwashing liquid day.' I'm not sure. in any event, if I get any moderately priced clothing for Christmas, I'll be sure to check for this obstruction.