Friday, December 29, 2006

Haiku/Gesundheit XXXVII


bad weekend home means
i ask permission to write
summation haikus

a note to grandpa

we're not engaged but
thanks for the public notice
his look was priceless
text message

you were gone so long
people thought you might be sick
"need help toilet clogged"
strike three, haiku four

he's not my father
but i could call him daddy
washington's speechless


Anonymous said...

There's a Mastercard Commercial (or several) in there somewhere. Priceless. :-D

James Burnett said...

For some weird reason the stanza that jumps out at me is "But I could call him daddy."

I agree with anonymous, Mastercard, AmEx. You could probably make a mint off of one of them.

At any rate, have a Happy New Year!