Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Neologisms VI

What the Newscaster Meant to Say

What I Heard
(And what I'm fairly certain he actually said)

An irrational fear of gay furbies

Sample Sentence
The human resources director was fired for refusing to promote countless furbies, despite their superior communication skills and immaculate grooming habits.

"Let it be noted that this firm will not tolerate that sort of senseless homofurbia," the company's CEO told reporters.

The former HR director was unavailable for comment.

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XOXO said...

Talking about mistakes in the news...I heard some man talking about Breed Specific Legislation. This is intended to make pet owners pay for having large breed, and typically violent dogs. They refer to this as BSL for obvious reasons. However, when the man they interviewed on the news went to explain it, I was confused. He said BSL stands for "Breed Pacific Legislation." Boy was I confused!!