Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Verbal Snapshot Regarding My
Neighborhood's Summer Festival

Boys making out with boys.

Girls making out with girls.

[And never the twain shall meet.]*

*I would like to add that this was actually billed as a "family event," though last I checked, copious amounts of tongue and fondling in public spaces -- regardless of orientation -- isn't exactly G-rated material. Which I suppose explains why no one with tots actually stuck around.**

**OK, so maybe I was just jealous.


M@ said...

Who *knew* that rainbows had such negative connotations?

Anonymous said...

Wow. You live in an interesting neighborhood. No, not G-Rated. I am not a huge fan of PDA's regardless of orientation.

As the Scissor Sister put it "A rainbow's just a candy colored frown."

bookfraud said...

girls making out with girls. this sounds like my type of event.

do you live near halsted & belmont?